We Are One~

Come to the Clearing the Center All

Fire Dancing Unity


In the midst of our world’s massive shifting and upheaval, were I to lie on the breast of the new crescent moon, gazing down upon our blue planet earth, what do I know to be essential truth.


come to the clearing
come to our center
come to our truth dance
creative fire dancers all

unity all

essence sharing all

heart talker
truth walker
do er
be er
enlightening all

co-creating new world matrix
natural nature
simple truth
the word
the world
highest good for all

I was born never noticing the colour of skin, only sensing the heart beat within. Friends, friends all over the world, have I, never seeing them segmented, categorized, placed into levels of cultural, physical, religious worthiness. On quick count, I’ve friends from over 30 different countries, cultures, including the Middle East and Asia, Africa, Europe~ on all continents actually: so dear to my heart and ever enriching my life with their gifts.

It is my truth that we have all chosen to be here, to learn about love, through our humanness. Never once did I evaluate the radiant light of god shining through Sam’s ‘African skin’ as he smiled face to face with my tiny blonde haired daughter. Only ever have I felt our deep sameness, soul to soul kinship.

May peace light and love guide our hearts, one interconnected sentient family on earth, as together we  SoulPrint our new world creation with inclusion, respect and opportunity for all.

Peace  love and blessings, Linda

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 International Woman’s Day Art Show 

OMAH Orillia Museum of Art History March 3- April 9th, 2011
30 Peter’s Street South Orillia  10 -4 each day.

Magic Calls to Me

Magic calls to me from canyons
Glimpses I catch in sunbeam
Moon shadow
Hollowed out log

Magic whispers
Follow me
Dance along
The edges of now

Magic laughs
Smiles from faces as yet unknown
From friends
Friends everywhere I turn
Magic smiles back

And when
When in
Quietude I still and observe

I then see ever truly
Magic graces my whole world.

While visiting the west coast last summer this  beautiful magnolia almost past it’s prime, compelled, drawing me closer and closer. Leaning farther over a high balcony, I almost toppled to the ground attempting to catch its radiant light!

Later looking at the photo, only then did I see the true gift offered me. Its perfect heart center, reflecting  nature’s magical love, took my breath away. 

Profound messages grace my world from everywhere, when I but choose to see with new eyes, listen and follow.

From what magical place might  love offer its gift to you today, stirring your heart into new and exciting awareness?

Will you be ready to listen, follow and open to receive love’s bounty?

May you be graced with anticipation and wonder this day~

In lovelight Linda

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Let Your Light Shine


Our Greatest Gift

I’ve seen two impactful, empowering movies lately:’The Soloist’ and ‘My Name is Khan’. Their message is profound and played a part in the creation of the prose that follows.


Let your light shine
Lightly whispering of new vistas ahead
Like sun sparkling diamonds on water

Let your light shine
Lightly sun kissing snowflake in frosty air
Like gentle caress on baby’s cheek

Let your light shine
Lightly tip toeing each musical note
Like glinting smile in Irish eyes

Let your light shine
Into depth of darkest night
Beaming rays of promise toward pathways of joy

Let your light shine
Lightly upon all lost and in hiding
Those curled inward hugging bone chilling cold

Let you light shine
Lightly on the long forgotten
Those perhaps masked as neighbour family, friend or foe

Let your light shine
Lightly on those only awaiting
Softened edges of anyone’s smile

Let your light shine
Lightly dancing on the edges of time
As together we create world be coming

New world shining
Light filled

Let your light shine~~

Now is the time, this moment is the place, we are the ones who may freely offer our greatest gift.  Our loving light~

Warmest loving wishes


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the answers within

gifts of reflection


While sitting


in a world of people




are within



or they are not there




These words flowed onto the page as a teen ~ still guiding me  today
I invite you to reflect, to consider what treasures within may call to you




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Amidst the Spring Equinox~

A space of  awareness, blessings and quiet peace ~


March 20, 2010 marks the March Equinox, the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, when the axis of our earth is neither tilted away from, nor toward the sun, balancing equal amounts of light, day and night.

The cosmos at this time symbolically offers equal fields of all possibility, if we so choose to consider this metaphor.  I find myself now, in deep introspection and reverence of life:  listening, withdrawn from the tasks, duties, have to ~ s of the everyday world.  The several times I have glanced out my window this weekend, I notice that there appears to be a similar energy in my immediate surroundings, almost as if the city surrounding me is quietly listening too.

 There is great peace for me, in this space.

A moment ago, I noticed the saying on my calendar by Marianne Williamson that reads:

The highest level of prayer is not a prayer for anything. It is a deep and profound silence in which we allow ourselves to be still and know… In that silence, we are changed. We are calmed. We are illumined.

Peace and blessings to you all~
in this brief space in time where our universe mirrors to us the balance of yin and yang, dark and light: the interplay energy of life.

With love, Linda

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